Travel agents in the domestic market have complained that having one set pricing per ticket is a hassle

According to the notice, starting on August 30, authorized ticket sales agents for Myanmar National Airlines can make deposits in US dollars for the sale of plane tickets at the rate of 1 US dollar = 3,000 Myanmar kyats in cash (or Mobile Banking). Ticket agents have complained that it is inconvenient to sell American dollars at the rate set by some domestic private airlines, which is 3,000 Burmese kyats.

Earlier today (August 30), both Myanmar National Airlines and the privately owned Air Kanbawza Airlines released statements saying they will be permitted to sell tickets for international flights at a set price.

In a similar way, the private Air Kanbawza Airlines has set a rate of 3,050 Myanmar kyats to 1 US dollar for its ticket sales.

But the people selling tickets said it would be hard to sell tickets at the exchange rate they chose.

“Please only cash in US dollars.”At the price they demand, you just cannot afford it. Since my sibling does not have access to a bank that offers foreign exchange services, she is unable to purchase dollars. In addition, if you ever find yourself in need of US dollars, you’ll have to go out and acquire them. I learned to pay what the market would bear because I couldn’t avoid buying it.Our sales have begun to decline. Why does the morning market behave differently? The market actually functions as a market as night falls. For this reason, we can only accept US currency now. “He revealed to DVB that we’ll have to pay market rate if we can’t donate dollars.”

I’m curious if there is a maximum processing fee requirement before local banks are allowed to issue credit cards and debit cards that use Visa and Mastercard. I am also curious as to whether or not the governing body, the central bank, intends to make some sort of statement in response to a collection rate of 62% ” What he had to say was. On the other hand, one user said that the central bank should explain in detail how to use Visa and Mastercard credit cards to buy international flights.

The other day I used a Mastercard from CB Bank to purchase a flight on Air Asia for a friend, spending a total of $154. However, they went over 500,000. (The exact change is 525,404 Kyats.)It took me a while, but eventually I figured out that one US dollar is equivalent to 3,411 Kyats. That’s a 62 percent increase over the official exchange rate set by the central bank (2,100 kyats), which is what I want to emphasize. Since the central bank is the financial regulatory authority (regulator),

Before the military seized control, the US dollar had a value of 2021 on both the domestic and international currency markets. One dollar bought between 1,300 and 1,400 Myanmar kyats on February 1.

The value of the Burmese kyat continued to fall after the military coup, as popular confidence in the ruling military council plummeted.

As a result, as of today, August 31st, the open market rate is between 4,300 and 4,400 Kyats to the dollar. The central bank’s official currency rate is 2,100 kyat to one US dollar.

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