While the dollar lost value, the price of groceries remained the same

Even though the value of the currency has gone up, consumers say that the prices of essential foods have not yet gone up.

According to Mon State, even though the price of motor oil has decreased, wholesale prices have only decreased a little, and retailers are still selling at higher prices than before. This is in spite of the fact that both the value of the dollar and the price of gold have gone up. The citizens of the township expressed their agreement.

According to the words of one person who imports goods from Thailand, “the majority of Thai goods are imported into this area from Mon State.” The individual who imports goods from Thailand explained: “Because of the unrest on the Myawati border, goods did not come in as frequently as usual.” However, now that the Thai baht price has returned, the wholesale price of Thai goods has decreased a little bit.

A homemaker added that the price of cooking oil, which is a product that is imported from Thailand, is the only food item whose cost has decreased by a few thousand. As a result of this, the price of locally produced cooking oil has barely decreased by a few hundred kyats. The price of rice has not changed. He stated that “Not only did the price go down, but the price went up by a few thousand,” which was an interesting turn of phrase.

One person who lives in the countryside claims that people who live on the more rural side of the border continue to pay higher rates for the things that they purchase and the meals that they consume.

Even though they had promised to work to bring costs back down, businesspeople reported that this did not make much of a difference, and businesspeople were still facing challenges. The leader of the coup d’├ętat wants to see a turnaround in the economy. Businesspeople reported that this did not make much of a difference.

From the time of Kovid until the present day, it has become progressively more difficult for businesses across the nation to get off the ground. In addition, those who work with their hands have issues with unemployment and are emigrating from the country at an alarming rate.

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