Easy access to insurance is a top priority for Canadians

In a recent poll conducted by PC Insurance, it was found that a sizeable proportion of Canadians consider the procedure of acquiring home and auto insurance to be “outdated.”

This attitude, according to PC Insurance, this attitude has caused a shift in how Canadians approach the process. Half of the respondents responded that they now prefer to purchase insurance online.

Among the 1,500 Canadians who participated in the study, seventy percent of them reported that purchasing insurance was a time-consuming process.

Additionally, 23 percent of those who participated in the survey stated that the “least favorite part” of purchasing insurance is the amount of time that is required to finish the procedure.

A senior vice president at PC Services named Ciara Beauchemin stated that the company’s choice to provide consumers with an improved digital experience was driven by the desire for ease.

When it comes to developing new features for our clients, adding value is our top focus, according to Beauchemin. It’s the same with this one, too. In order to guarantee that Canadians are able to navigate the application process in a manner that is both clear and quick, we have prioritized convenience, simplicity, and convenience.

Not only did respondents to the PC Insurance poll express a lack of trust in the process of purchasing insurance, but they also expressed concern regarding the fact that the procedure can be difficult or a bother to complete.

Sixty-eight percent of those who participated in the survey stressed that the cost remains their top priority for them when purchasing insurance is still the cost.

When it comes to finding insurance, more than half of the respondents (50%) claimed that they conducted their own research. A number of individuals, on the other hand, stated that they rely on information from their family and friends (20%) and insurance brokers (19%).

In addition, nearly seventy percent of respondents reported that they had confidence in the insurance process.