Australian travel insurance set to undergo a radical transformation thanks to new collaboration

Battleface, an Australian travel insurer, has partnered with By combining forces, we can use Battleface’s cutting-edge modular API technology to provide Australian travelers with more customizable and flexible coverage options.

Battleface serves a varied clientele in Australia and other important areas like the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada. The company joined the Australian market in 2023.

The expected results of the partnership
Thanks to this new partnership, customers of can now tailor their travel insurance policies to meet their unique needs, thanks to this new partnership, by getting coverage that is relevant to their planned activities and destinations. Together, we can make it easier for customers to choose the right travel insurance by providing them with more options that are specific to their needs. is a member of the Steadfast Group, and Battleface managing director Matt McLellan is excited to be partnering with them.

He exclaimed, “We are thrilled to have on board as a new partner.” he exclaimed. In 2024, they will take their product to the next level by providing even more personalized travel insurance options and ensuring outstanding customer experiences. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now offer customers the modular insurance options they need to rest well when traveling.

This relationship between and Battleface is all about innovation and providing highly customizable and adaptable travel insurance that prioritizes speed and ease of use, according to CEO Dominique Requin. We at have a staff of insurance gurus, and we think Battleface would be a great addition to our team. We find a lot of common ground with their business approach, principles, and insurance products. Customers can simply tailor their insurance coverage to match their individual needs and their various travel alternatives. According to him, this is why and Battleface are a great fit for cooperation.

Standard benefits announced by the collaboration include $2.5 million in personal liability coverage, $40,000 in trip cancellation coverage per individual, and unlimited emergency medical and supplemental expenses for treatments up to a year. Additionally, Robin Assist-facilitated customer care, 24/7 emergency support, and strong in-house claims administration are all assets that Battleface brings to the table.