Canada Life has verified a cyber incident at a service provider

Due to a cyber incident that was carried out by MSH International, which is a subcontractor of Canada Life, the member portal for the MSH Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) is currently inaccessible. This is because of the cyber attack. An episode of cybercrime took place.

According to a statement that was included in the messages that Canada Life sent out to members of the PSHCP, MSH, a provider of comprehensive coverage and emergency travel support services, is unable to process PSHCP claims or check the status of those claims at this time.

This information was included in the messages that Canada Life sent out via email. Additionally, an apology was included in the mails.

The insurance agent advised the coverage that they were giving that “this matter is being taken very seriously by both Canada Life and MSH,” and they are both taking it very seriously.

MSH is now evaluating the entire impact of the incident and developing a strategy to restore service and reduce the risk to your information. We are taking the necessary steps to engage with MSH during this process. In the present moment, MSH is carrying out this inquiry.

Before attempting to restore the portal, you should first make certain that the environment of the system is secure and that your information is protected. Before anything else, this is the most important thing that needs to be complete.

At the moment, the disruption that occurred at MSH does not have any kind of effect whatsoever on the operations that are being carried out by Canada Life.

The following information was released by the Secretariat of the Treasury Board of Canada in a separate statement: “The Government of Canada is meeting with Canada Life on a regular basis in order to receive updates and monitor your progress.”