How to Keep Your Melamine Dishes in Top Condition

Melamine dinnerware is a practical and worthwhile addition to your tableware collection, perfect for everyday usage, even if you are the proud owner of some gorgeous bone china and pricey tableware for your elite dining occasions. With its vibrant colors and long-lasting durability, melamine adds color to every dish. Listed here are a few easy ways to keep your melamine tableware looking new for years to come.

Maintenance tips for melamine tableware

Melamine: what is it made of? We shape urea and formaldehyde into melamine using a number of molds, burn it, and use it to make a wide range of dishes.

The advantages of regularly using melamine dishes are numerous. Melamine tableware is perfect for families with little children because it is both lightweight and simple to clean. Unlike porcelain and other tableware, they will last a lot longer. They are incredibly appealing to young children because of the vibrant colors and patterns they come in. They remain intact even when subjected to vigorous treatment.

Melamine can be cared for. To keep your melamine tableware in pristine condition, follow these simple steps: When hand-cleaning melamine dishes, be careful to use only soft sponges. Melamine plates will melt in a microwave, so be careful not to do that.

While you can wash melamine dishes in the dishwasher, the color may fade over time. Wash these melamine products immediately to prevent them from becoming soiled. You should pre-soak these plates before washing them to keep their brightness and avoid stains.

If there are leftover stickers on the surface, do not use turpentine or nail polish removers to get them off. If you typically wash melamine dishes in the dishwasher, always wash them on a gentle cycle and never expose them to hot water. Never use bleach or any chlorine-containing disinfectant to clean melamine dishes.

Never let dishes go unattended; if you find any signs of damage, such as chips or cracks, fix them immediately. You should never use an abrasive cleaning tool on melamine, because doing so will only make the surface more scratched and may eventually lead to wear and tear. Sharp blades easily scratch melamine tableware, so it’s best to avoid them.

Following these straightforward steps will make sure that your melamine dinnerware will last a long time and look great, so that you can enjoy eating off of it.