Traveling to Australia? Make sure you have travel insurance

Australia is back on many people’s travel bucket lists now that it is open to them after being closed for two years due to a pandemic. Many possibilities exist, from surfing on the Gold Coast to exploring the Outback by car or scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. You should consider getting travel insurance because there are many exciting but potentially risky things to do.

Let’s take a look at the many kinds of Australian travel insurance, which credit cards offer free coverage, and other options for being insured.

Various Policies Available for Travel Protection
Many people consider it essential to have travel insurance to protect against financial hardship in the event of an accident, illness, or emergency evacuation. But not every insurance policy for international travel is the same. There is a wide range of options for every conceivable scenario, so it’s important to do your homework before making any purchases.

  • An insurance policy that covers the cost of a canceled trip. When something unforeseen, such as an illness, forces you to cancel a trip, this will help you get your money back.
  • Insurance that covers trip delays. It pays for your plane ticket home if something comes up and you have to cut your stay short.
  • Protection against lost bags. Covers the cost of replacing lost, damaged, or stolen bags.
  • Insurance for an unexpected evacuation The costs associated with transporting you to a new place for reasons of health or safety are covered.
  • Prepaid medical care when abroad Used for covering medical expenses incurred when traveling, either as primary or secondary insurance.
  • Cancel for Any Reason insurance. Additional coverage helps you recoup some of your money if you have to cancel a vacation but your insurance won’t cover everything.
  • Coverage for your rental automobile. Costs associated with a rental car’s breakdown or repair are paid for. When renting a car in a foreign nation, this can be extremely helpful.
  • Guaranteed acceptance life insurance for accidental deaths This coverage acts similarly to life insurance in that it will pay out to a designated beneficiary in the event of your untimely demise while abroad.

Insurance may be able to cover quarantine costs resulting from the COVID infection. If this is something you care about, you should double-check that your policy includes this coverage.

Should you get Australian travel insurance?
Even though it’s not necessary to gain access, you might want to. Because of the unpredictability of events like flight delays and catastrophes, having travel insurance is a good idea no matter where your trip takes you.

Credit card insurance is an option if you’re feeling confident in your trip plans, but keep in mind that the coverage limits may be smaller than you’d prefer.

Otherwise, getting a travel insurance policy is always an option. Remember that prices change depending on factors including where you go, when you go, how old you are, and how much money you spend on the trip as a whole.

Which major credit cards provide insurance while visiting Australia?

It’s possible that you’re already covered in some way, even if you’ve decided against purchasing travel insurance. There are several credit cards that offer free travel insurance, though the coverage and maximum benefit will differ per card.

Geeky Hint

Many Chase credit cards include primary rental car insurance, which will cover you in the event of an accident without needing to engage your personal auto insurance carrier. To use your Chase credit card, you must decline the rental car company’s insurance offer.

These cards offer a variety of benefits, such as trip cancellation insurance, emergency medical evacuation insurance, and compensation for lost or stolen baggage. Here are some of the most popular credit cards that can be used to get free travel insurance.

You’ll want to read each card’s advantage guide very carefully before picking which card to utilize. The Platinum Card® from American Express and the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, for instance, both have travel accident insurance in the event of lost luggage. Restricted Use.

However, if you’ve paid for the entire cost on your American Express card or used your points to book the flight, you’ll be covered by the insurance offered by the Platinum Card® from American Express. Insurance benefits are not included if you use your card to pay taxes and fees for an award flight you booked elsewhere (such as by redeeming Delta SkyMiles for your flight). Restricted Use.

In comparison, the lost luggage compensation on the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is extremely significant. If your bags go missing, you’ll only be responsible for the amount not covered by your reward miles, points, vouchers, or certificates and the cost of the flight. To qualify for the perks, you just charge nothing more than the applicable taxes and fees to your card.

The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card is an alternative to the American Express and Chase credit cards.

Capital One’s package features a wide variety of travel insurance advantages, such as coverage for lost luggage, trip delay compensation, travel and emergency assistive services, and primary rental car insurance. You must have made a charge for the trip in order to receive these perks. The perks may evolve as time goes on.

Alternate Methods to Acquire Vacation Coverage

If you’re intending on doing more daring things while in Australia, like camping in the Outback, it’s still a good idea to get separate coverage, even if your credit card offers free travel insurance.

In the event of a medical emergency, the health insurance benefits offered by credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® may not cover the whole cost of your treatment.

You should compare prices from different companies if you’re in the market for additional insurance. While it is possible to accomplish this on your own, using a website like Squaremouth to evaluate numerous policies at once will save you some time. You can refine your search by selecting the specific coverage type you’re interested in.

To obtain Australian travel insurance,

Worried travelers can rest easy with the help of travel insurance. Whether or not you plan to purchase separate travel insurance, you may be surprised to learn that many credit cards include some level of free protection in the event of things like flight delays, emergency medical treatment, rental car accidents, and missing luggage.

Otherwise, you might want to think about getting a second policy, just in case. If this is something you’re interested in, do your research and get estimates from multiple service providers to ensure you get the best price.

To discover rates and fees for The Platinum Card® from American Express, see this page.

For Capital One products on this page, Visa® or Mastercard® may offer some of the perks mentioned above. For specifics, including limitations and exclusions, please refer to the applicable Guide to Benefits.

Methods for maximizing benefits

You need a credit card that puts your needs first when you travel. Find out which credit cards we recommend for your upcoming trip in 2023 below.

  • Swapping points for other rewards and a hefty bonus: A Preferred Credit Card from Chase
  • No recurring costs: Bank of America® Visa® Credit Card with Travel Rewards
  • The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card offers unlimited flat-rate travel rewards.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve® comes with added travel benefits and luxury amenities.
  • American Express’s Platinum Card® is the ultimate in opulence.
  • To all frequent business travelers: please sign up for the Business Preferred® Credit Card.