Australia is currently reviewing its AI regulations

For public review, the Australian government has issued a preliminary response to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia report. A press release disclosed their efforts to ensure the appropriate and safe use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The press release states that the consultation has considered how AI could contribute to the country’s economic growth and betterment. On the other hand, more robust safeguards are required to reduce the hazards brought about by the new technology.

The government is taking action by focusing on high-risk AI scenarios where it could be difficult to fix any harm that could happen, according to the press release. The government also wants to make sure that most low-risk AI applications are successful.

According to reports, the government is currently thinking about putting regulations in place to prevent the creation and use of AI in environments with a significant potential for harm. This could necessitate the creation of new laws tailored to artificial intelligence or the revision of current ones, according to the press release.

We are implementing immediate measures to address issues related to AI, including:

  • coming up with an optional AI Safety Standard
  • We are exploring possibilities to optionally label and watermark content produced by AI.
  • forming a committee of knowledgeable individuals to provide guidance on potential alternatives for required safety rails

According to the press release, mandatory protections for AI system design, development, and deployment will be discussed. We may need to set standards to assure product safety before and after release, promote model design and data openness in AI applications, and hold developers and deployers accountable through training and certifications. Finally, AI-using firms should have clear expectations.

This press release states that the government is keeping a careful eye on initiatives of a similar kind in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. As it did during November’s UK AI Safety Summit, the government is collaborating with other nations as well.