Canadians dealing with legal issues on their own because of financial concerns

A recent survey conducted by ARAG found that 46% of Canadians who have been involved in a legal dispute have decided to handle their matters on their own.

The costs of engaging a lawyer were cited as the main factor in this choice by participants polled by the legal expenditure insurance specialist.

Half of those who have dealt with legal matters spent $1,000 to $9,999 on attorneys and other fees, according to ARAG, while 20% spent more than $10,000.

Even more concerning is the fact that 65% of respondents indicated that their legal matters significantly or somewhat affected their personal financial situation.

The data clearly show that Canada is dealing with an “access to justice” problem, according to ARAG’s VP of marketing and strategic initiatives, Jeff Kless.

Almost half of Canadian homes are on the verge of falling behind on their financial obligations, according to public research, Kless told IBTV.

Legal battles can impose a significant financial strain on clients, but Kless outlined how brokers can help their clients avoid this by referring them to legal expenditure insurance.

He explained that this would help families financially and provide them with more free time. “It gives your clients peace of mind that they can deal with unexpected legal issues when you put all those things together.”

Clients who feel immune to legal issues may be skeptical, but Kless suggested addressing this head-on by asking pertinent questions to kick off the conversation.

He suggested that brokers inquire about clients’ familiarity with possible legal dangers and their capacity to pay for legal assistance by asking them about situations such as employment conflicts or contract troubles.

For all your legal needs, including contract law, employment law, tax audits, and more, consider purchasing legal expenditure insurance, as pointed out by Kless. The policy will take care of all the grunt work. In the process of seeking or defending your legal rights, you will not incur any legal fees.