Perth will play host to the HBF’s most important fitness fundraising event

On May 19, the HBF Run for a Reason, which is the city of Perth’s greatest fitness fundraising event, is scheduled to return. The city is getting ready for the event.

In a statement published on its website, the HBF stated that early bird registrations for the event are scheduled to begin in the beginning of 2024. HBF members will receive a discount of twenty percent on the admission fees. In addition, the organizers are urging business teams to take part in the event.

On the day of the HBF Run for a Reason, participants will have the opportunity to select from one of three different distances:

Four thousand CommBank Specsavers, twelve kilometers of Brooks Half Marathon

According to Dr. Lachlan Henderson, CEO of the HBF, “HBF Run for a Reason holds a unique and significant place in the hearts of a great number of West Australians.” In the years since 2010, a total of $11.3 million has been collected for a large number of charitable organizations, many of whom are dependent on these contributions to maintain their operations.

Run for a Reason will be back in 2023.
After a three-year break, the Run for a Reason fundraising event was held again in 2023, and individuals who participated in the event raised a total of $1.2 million. More than 33,000 people took part in the event, which included families with young children and newborns in prams, as well as experienced runners who competed professionally.

According to Henderson, “It was absolutely incredible to see more than 33,000 people participate [in the previous year].” Our goal is to surpass those numbers in the year 2024.