Funding for a Queensland researcher awarded by NTI

Funding has been provided to Dr. Rebecca San Gil, a researcher at the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute, by logistics and transport specialist insurer NTI.

The money will allow Dr. San Gil to keep studying motor neurone disease (MND), specifically how to repair proteins, in an effort to halt or reduce the progression of the disease.

The buildup of defective proteins that clump together is a hallmark of the start of motor neuron disease (MND). “The target protein that refolds and disposes of damaged proteins in human neurons will be the focus of the proposed research program, which will utilize new genetic engineering and imaging techniques,” she explained. In order to determine if refolding broken proteins into functional ones can halt or slow the progression of disease, I will conduct studies. Therapeutics for multiple sclerosis will benefit from this work.

Support for research into motor neuron disease:

The record-breaking antique truck raffle that NTI hosted earned over $600,000 for research into motor neuron disease (MND), which was used to pay the grant.

To benefit research into motor neuron disease (MND), NTI refurbished a 1954 Chevrolet pickup truck, Daphne, and put it up for auction. The grant was distributed through the non-profit MND and Me Foundation, and it was drawn at the July NTI Supercars event in Townsville.

This is just one of the MND research grants funded from the proceeds of raffling Daphne. It is great to see the impact that the raffle and NTI’s support of MND research can have across a wide range of research areas,” commented Jane Milne, CEO of the MND and Me Foundation, commenting on Dr. San Gil’s research. Thanks to NTI and its unwavering dedication to finding a solution, Queensland’s motor neuron disease research is in a strong position.

The insurance has raised a total of $2 million over six years for motor neuron disease research, with Daphne being the sixth vehicle to be restored and raffled off by NTI.

After former CEO Wayne Patterson lost his fight with motor neuron disease (MND) in 2018, NTI CEO Tony Clark revealed the company began supporting MND research.

Myelodysplastic ovary syndrome (MND) kills two individuals and diagnoses two more every single day in Australia. He explained that the group’s goal was to assist in financing research into developing a cure for motor neuron disease and to improve the lives of those who suffer from the disease. Daphne broke the previous record for most funds raised by one of NTI’s refurbished vehicles with an astounding $580,000. We are committed to providing ongoing assistance to researchers like Dr. Rebecca San Gil in their tireless pursuit of a cure for motor neuron disease (MND).